Staying on the island of Lindisfarne in Fisherman's cottage was one of the most peaceful experiences one can hope for. The island really is truly still before the rush of the tourists at the dropping of the first tide. The island took on a new perspective before it was overrun with people trying to soak in it's history and beautiful sights from the coast.

Joined by a lot of the local wildlife and a few seals, a quiet morning walk was high on the agenda. Avoiding the rain showers we managed to stroll for an hour without seeing another person. With a population of 180 it's not surprising that there weren't too many people around. We walked all the way along the coastal path to Emmanuel Head Beacon joined only by a few seals for company.

If you can book in for a visit to Lindisfarne and stay a few days we'd definitely recommend. The energy and tranquility on the island are hard to find elsewhere.

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